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Things to Consider Before Buying a Flat in Jaipur

Flat in Jaipur

Jaipur is attracting massive investment in the real estate sector fuelled by rising demand among home buyers and investors. There is considerable interest among home buyers in Jaipur flats for sale. Formerly, home buyers preferred bungalows and independent houses. There is a shift in demand with rising costs and security concerns; presently, there is an immense demand for apartments for sale in Jaipur. With a plethora of residential projects, it becomes challenging for home buyers and investors to shortlist affordable flats for sale in Jaipur. This article aims to raise awareness of things to consider before purchasing an apartment in Jaipur.

What to consider before purchasing an apartment in Jaipur 

Location of Project – Location remains the first thing one must consider when buying a flat in Jaipur. There are many options when selecting a location. Central areas like C-Scheme, Bapu Nagar, and Raja Park are excellent choices if connectivity and developed infrastructure are your key criterion. If you prefer a more tranquil location, you can consider Mahindra SEZ, Jagatpura, or Sanganer. There is considerable interest in flats for sale in Mansarovar Jaipur with massive upcoming housing projects. It is essential to note, very few locations offer luxury flats for sale in Jaipur.

Legal Documents & Clearance – This essential aspect often gets sidelined with other trivial issues. It is critical to ensure the project has all necessary legal clearances and statutory approvals. Verify title deeds, land ownership, document trail, building approval, NOC from the fire department, and occupancy approval. In case, you don’t understand these documents, consider hiring a legal expert; it is worth the cost involved.

Acquisition Cost of a Flat

Calculate the combined cost involved in buying a flat. Add ancillary costs like stamp duty, registration charges, legal expert fees, and property tax, to arrive at the final cost. One should have a clear idea of the total cost and how the funds will be arranged or financed. Evaluate whether you possess sufficient funds for managing the house after paying the EMI.

Goal of property

People buy a flat for residential use or investment. In case of investment for resale, evaluate the holding period and likely gains. As a conservative investor, you must factor in an extra holding period due to project delays. In such a case, it should not cause financial difficulties. If you intend to purchase property to earn rental income, evaluate the returns vis-a-vis investment. If you are buying for your own use, you might want to spend more for convenience.

Maintenance charges

Most people who buy flats in Jaipur fail to check the maintenance charges of the project. The fees cover the upkeep of common areas and facilities like the pool, gym, and security, among others. It is a recurring cost and is billed monthly or annually. Some projects have eliminated maintenance charges in lieu of a one-time deposit. Ensure these charges are in your range when buying a flat in Jaipur. In a project, a 3 BHK flat for sale in Jaipur will attract more maintenance charges than a 2 BHK flat; the charges are calculated apartment area.

Facilities of the project

As a home buyer, it is vital to compare different projects based on the facilities and amenities provided. Most modern projects offer a gymnasium, 24-hour security, swimming pool, clubhouse, and convenience stores, to name a few. It is vital to check if these facilities are enough to service the number of flat residents and the quality of amenities & services. Currently, there is a massive demand for affordable flats for sale in Mansarovar Jaipur with amenities & facilities.

Site & Locality

Check if the project site is in a good locality and if there are any nuisances in the vicinity like crowded markets, heavy industries, etc. The flats should have plenty of natural light & good ventilation. Consider visiting the project site multiple times to check on these parameters.

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