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Jaipur – Why investing in Jaipur real estate is a smart decision? 

The real estate market of Jaipur is generating attention among investors being one of the fastest emerging cities in India. The city recognized as the Pink City is one of the top three tourist destinations in India. It enjoys an excellent location, not far from the Delhi NCR region; many experts consider this a key reason for the city’s booming economy. The growth in the city remains a significant attraction for people to invest in the real estate market; many feel it is the apt time to do so. This blog detail why investing in Jaipur real estate market is a smart investment decision.

Why should you invest in Jaipur real estate?

  • Affordable property prices

Investing in the real estate market of Jaipur is affordable in comparison to investing in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Delhi NCR. One can invest in multiple projects or invest in a more substantial size of property with the same amount of money. Investors can invest in multiple locations in Jaipur and gain from differentials in investment growth. Therefore, Jaipur offers tremendous value for investors; very few cities in India can rival such opportunities.

  • Growing City

Investment experts repeatedly advise investing in growing cities and economies to maximize yield. Jaipur is well-placed in this regard. Therefore, investing in Jaipur’s real estate market is likely to provide lucrative returns.

  • Good connectivity

Jaipur offers good air & rail connectivity with other cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Pune, to name a few. The connectivity will only get better with time. The city enjoys a location advantage being not far from Delhi NCR and also the new freight corridor unveiled recently. Jaipur is also one of the few cities covered by the recently introduced new class of fast trains, Vande Bharat; it connects Jaipur with Delhi NCR.

  • Buoyant economy

Jaipur is at the forefront of many industries. Tourism, block-printed fabrics, jewelry & gemstones, handicrafts, etc. provide a considerable impetus to the economy. Many new industries have been set up in the vicinity of the city, recently. All these have enticed people from other cities; this explains increased the demand for houses, flats, offices, and factories in Jaipur. The city attracts people from rural areas as well as from other cities & states. A booming economy, well-planned infrastructure, and good law and order are big attractions for migration.

Even though there are many real estate investment opportunities, experts advise investing in the following type of properties in Jaipur.

  • Properties between 30-40 Lacs

These remain the most affordable properties and therefore an enormous demand exists for properties between 30-40 lacs.

  • Properties between 40-50 Lac

Houses between 40-50 Lacs are one of the most sought-after properties among middle-class buyers. Investing in a house between 40-50 Lacs in Jaipur has provided investors with superior returns.

  • Properties between 50-60 Lacs

Houses between 50-60 Lacs are in big demand among the upper middle class. Investors can buy houses between 50-60 Lacs and expect attractive returns.

The aforementioned represents the fastest-growing categories for property investment in Jaipur. In Jaipur, 3BHK and 4BHK flats are in big demand. With smaller and nuclear families, demand for 2BHK flats is also expected to go up. Interest in villa properties is gaining ground among home buyers with an increase in wealth.

Recognizing the need of investors, Kedia Sezasthan offers all these types of properties for investment in Jaipur. Kedia Sezasthan, a group housing project offers 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, and a villa in Jaipur for investment.

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